Jamaican-born Almena King survived the difficulties of life in a small country to emerge with one of the most valuable inventions of the information age. She created a method that teaches touch typing in ONE LESSON. Her innovative typing method reduces training time from about 20 hours to as little as 20 minutes!

Through years of research, Almena King has developed techniques for reducing errors to zero while at the same time increasing typing speeds to 80 wpm in record time.

Almena's teaching career started in a business college in Kingston, Jamaica in 1965 where she created her innovative typing method. She later established Almena International. However, Almena's passion has always been to help people—especially the disadvantaged—to learn marketable job skills that would lift their quality of life.

Almena approached the Principal of the Ocho Rios High School in Jamaica and offered assistance. The Principal expressed concern that their students were leaving school with poor job skills and that the school had little funds to improve the situation. Almena immediately volunteered her time and expertise. She began a Business Education Pilot. Since the school had little funding and could not afford typing books, Almena wrote her first book: Touch Typing in One Lesson! Her typing method accomplished more than teach typing. It helped students improve their self-esteem and self-worth, their grooming, communication skills and other job related skills! The principal of the school said that the success of Almena's method has led to the implementation of Business Education in High Schools throughout Jamaica.

Ms. King migrated to the United Kingdom in 1981 and taught job skills to socially disadvantaged young people. She used her typing and self-development techniques as a tool to empower students to become ready for the job market. The success of her methods caused the British Government's Basic Skills Unit to pilot and name her work:
The Almena Method!


"I have used many different typing programs in the past, ... I now use Almena exclusively because I find its presentation and student success rate to be superior to the other programs."Charles D. Amun-Rah, MS Ed.,
New York City Department of Education.
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We are able to move this population to 50 wpm within a month's time ...
Howard M. Brown, Coordinator,
District of Columbia Public Schools; Washington, D.C. USA.
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However, after two lessons, they had the keyboard letters memorized! ...
Amy Lockhart, Fourth Grade Teacher;
University of Iowa Pilot Study.
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the students did in fact, learn and memorize the computer keyboard in 20 min! It’s unbelievable! ...
Lisa Friedberg, Elementary School Teacher; Alderwood Basics Plus School, Irvine, California USA.
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The program will enhance productivity and with the motivational aspect, trainees will certainly leave feeling empowered."
Mr. Smith, Corporate University, Sandals Resorts in the Caribbean.
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"In just two short sessions one student ... has moved from 31 wpm to 65 words per minute. The other students all learned the keyboard in just one lesson. The ease with which our students progressed is impressive. The method has inspired our students and we hope to move from success to success.Robert Geofroy University of the West Indies, Open Campus
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